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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3rd Annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration...

Dr. Seuss' birthday was Saturday, March 2nd.  I had so much planned for the girls to do that we began the celebration on Friday(plus I had a shopping trip planned on Saturday that I had to work around).  I baked a cake in the afternoon and when B got home from school I let her and Mel decorate it...
The hat looks so much better than my hat did on last years cake.  I am definitely not a cake decorator!!!!  Mel helped to by adding the red blob next to the hat and she also added the sprinkles.  B didn't have room for "birthday" so she left it out! :0)
Next, we made my version of green eggs.  They are mini nutter butters dipped in melted white chocolate with a green m&m on top.  So yummy!

Then it was time to make our Cat in the Hat pizza.  I simply rolled out dough and rolled up the bottom part to make the hat brim then shaped the sides and let the girls decorate it.  Since it was Friday and it is Lent and I'm Catholic, I got to enjoy the plain cheese portion of the pizza!
Then B informed me that my green eggs weren't the same as in the book, so we made green deviled eggs. 
We definitely had an interesting combination of food that night.  Pizza, green deviled eggs and salad!

After supper, the girls made their Fox in Socks puppets...

You can find the template here .
We also made Lorax mustaches and watched The Lorax....one of my favorite animated movies!  You  can find the template for the mustache here

Just so Miss Jo Jo isn't completely left out, here is a picture of her relaxing in her bouncy seat while we made supper!  Next year she will get to join in the fun!!
I love that this is becoming  a tradition for our family.  Some people think it is silly, but I enjoy doing all these things with my girls.  I know they will eventually outgrow craft time with mommy, so right now I am going to live it up!!!



  1. My your kids are adorable, making them decorate the cake is one fun idea. Got my eye on your next posts. I know its late but Happy Dr. Seuss day. :)

  2. Looks like fun. It was always one of my favorite days when I was teaching. I have always loved Dr. Seuss!

  3. I love it! I'll have to remember this for next year!

    Also, not sure if you are into this kind of thing, but I tagged you :) http://www.littlehomesteaders.com/2013/03/five-things.html

  4. Oh I just love this! What a wonderful tradition. You're so creative! :)

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