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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft Time:Turkey

I have three Thanksgiving crafts to share with you and, conveniently enough, Thanksgiving is only three days away.  So that means I will be blogging three days in a row!  Wahoo!  That also probably means that I will once again take a hiatus at the end of those three days, but I know you all understand!
This first craft came from Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things
All you need is:
A clean fruit cup (you can also you a regular plastic cup if you don't have any fruit cups lying around)
Brown acrylic paint
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Yellow foam (could also use construction paper)
Orange foam
Start by painting your cup brown...
Right after I snapped the above photo, she started painting her hand.  I guess she thought it was going to be part of the turkey as well.
While the paint is drying, make the feathers.  Cut five pipe cleaners in half.  Place the beads on the pipe cleaners and space them out a bit.  Mel didn't space them out and it still worked it just called for more hot glue in the end.  Oh and she also didn't want her picture taken.  My girls have been grumps lately.  Anyone elses??  I hope I'm not alone.

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together... 
Cut a triangle out of yellow foam for the beak and cut a waddle out of orange foam and glue them to the cup as well as the eyes( the girls used clear craft glue for this step)... 
Next glue on the feathers.  I used hot glue.
As I clicked over to Rachel's site so I could include her link, I realized that she made hers a little bit different than we did.  She used a pom pom for the head and glued feet to the bottom of the cup.  I guess that is what I get for making a mental note of this craft idea...but I think ours still turned out pretty cute.  So be sure to check out her site to see how she made hers and for other awesome craft ideas.
Mel's turkey...
B's turkey... 



  1. This is a really cute craft for my 2nd graders.

  2. So cute will have to remember this one for next year


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