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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft Time:Turkey Plate Craft...

Saturday night I was busy making food in the kitchen for our family's Thanksgiving on Sunday.  B came into the kitchen and asked if she and Mel could make a craft.  Now, normally I love my kids' creative side, but at that moment I wanted to scream.  I was trying to get a Texas Sheet cake in the oven and still had to make two sweet potato casseroles so they would be ready to go in the oven the next morning because I knew I couldn't get it all done on Sunday.  Brad was trying to console Jody, but in the evenings she is fussy and if she hears my voice she seems to only want me, so he was doing the best he could, but she wasn't cooperating.
Anyhow, before I could scream, B sweetly said, "No, I have a craft that I want to do by myself with Mel."  Oh that is so much better.
So, B came up with this craft idea all by herself.  Gathered all the supplies and cut out all the shapes and helped her little sister assemble hers and didn't get frustrated when Mel threw a little big tantrum.
I was able to finish my food and Brad was finally able to get Jody to sleep (2.5 hours later.)
Here is the finished project. 
B's turkey...
Mel's turkey... 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  The next craft will be a Christmas one!!!


  1. So nice to have whole family working together... Cute turkey

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