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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Test of Patience...

Mel has always been the patient one.  The quiet one.  The innocent one that we rarely have to raise our voice at, but lately she has been testing our patients.  For the past few weeks the always obedient, quiet little girl has traded her beloved personality for a back-talking, loud personality.  It all started about three weeks ago when we discovered she had a urinary tract infection.  After complaining for a couple days, she finally told us she needed to go to the doctor.  We knew she wasn't feeling well.  How many 4 year olds ask to go to the doctor?  It was 6:00 in the evening so we headed to the emergency room since the Doctor's office was closed.  They confirmed that she did in fact have a UTI.  After 9 days on an antibiotic, she was still complaining of pain, so I waited a few more days and she was still complaining.  Off to the pediatrician we went only for Doc to tell me that she was completely fine.  Nearly 6 days later she is still complaining of her "tummy hurting" about 25 times a day.  At first I was concerned that something else could be wrong...and that thought is still in the back of my mind because I am a worrier by nature(what mom isn't?), but she goes from complaining to playing in the blink of an eye so that has my mind at ease a little bit.  We usually tell her to take a drink of water and off she goes.  She also has me checking her temperature probably 3 times a day!  It's always normal, but she insists and sometimes it's easier to break out the old thermometer than to argue!
Maybe the man upstairs just thinks that I need my patience tested.  As if they aren't tested enough with 3 kids including a newborn!  Or maybe the terrible twos that Mel never seemed to go through are finally reaching the surface.  There are the Terrible Twos, the Trying Threes, but what are the Fours called??  Here's to hoping this phase soon passes!



  1. oh my boys so fooled me with those two's and laid it on thick in their threes-- I suppose they all have their own time... here's hoping this season for your little turn, turn, turns sooner than later, but not too soon. =)


    Stopping by to follow ya from the Monday link up. How sweet it is to discover another beautiful blogging voice. We are riding the wave of life at Local Sugar Hawaii and I would so love it if you'd join us for the fun. The door is always open for ya, stop by anytime, if you please.


  2. maybe it's being the middle child phase...she seems to have a sweet personality...I bet this phase won't last long...Urinary tract infections are no fun...

  3. If you find out what the 4's are called, be sure to let me know! Ciara will be 4 1/2 Dec. 26th and she didn't go through the terrible 2's either. The 3's were a little more trying, but really, I'm thinking 4 is the worst!


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