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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fruit Fly Mania...

Fruit flies, gnats...whatever you want to call them are taking over our house.
At first, I thought it was just us.  I try and keep a fairly clean house, but you've heard me say this before, with kids, a dog, and living on a farm that is a difficult job.
We always have fruit sitting on the counter so I started putting it in the fridge thinking that would solve the problem, but it didn't.
Then I saw a story on the news and realized that everyone around these parts is having a fruit fly infestation!  Whew!  So it's not just us, but we still have to deal with the pesky little boogers! 
One of my friends poured wine and vinegar (I believe that was the solution) in  a bowl and the gnats flocked to it and drowned!  That sounded like a grand idea, but being preggers and all, I don't have any wine(well, I do have some homemade stuff that I am waiting to enjoy after the baby) in the house and if I did, I wouldn't want to waste it on these obnoxious critters!  So, I was listening to the radio yesterday and they shared a tip from the wonderful world of Pinterest.
All you have to do is put some fruit in the bottom of a jar.  Put waxed paper over the top and secure with a rubber band.  Then poke holes in the top.  The gnats will fly in, but they can't get back out!
Now we have this fabulous concoction on our counter top.  The girls think it's pretty cool and the number of gnats that we have collected since yesterday is amazing yet disgusting. 
After giving Mel her sausage links and ketchup this morning, I decided to fill a jar with ketchup.  The poor girl couldn't eat fast enough for the annoying things.  Anywho, the girls and I have our own little science experiment going on... 
Which will attract more?  The apples or the ketchup?
Either way, I'm glad I'm not the only one battling these pesky things....it's all over Facebook and the web!


  1. Very much needed to know this. While the mosquito population seems to have been low, the rest of the bugs are breeding faster than I can keep up with a swatter! I'm off to find fruit! I also have ketchup or catsup or however anyone likes to spell the red stuff.


  2. Awesome! I'm with you... I wasn't about to waste my wine on these stinking bugs! But... I will sacrifice an apple! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Good to know... I am out of wine and now I have gnats again! Off to cut an apple.

  4. I will remember these tricks There is a plant that catches nats they fly in and can't get out said to work good.

  5. good idea...my brother and sister in law had an infestation of flies...they don't know where they came from they keep a spotless house...they were having to use a vacuum to catch them...they got rid of them and haven't had any more problems...

  6. I guess I missed your post! Just saw what you put on fb. I think I am going to try this method as well since they don't seem to be liking my wine.

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