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Monday, September 17, 2012

Puddle Jumpers...

It's been pretty dry around here...like most of the country.  We have been lucky enough to receive some pretty substantial rain totals in the last few weeks to help with the drought issue.  It's a little too late to help the crops, but we'll take what we can get.
The girls love to jump in puddles and they haven't had that opportunity this summer.  I guess you could say the summer went out with a bang because they actually had some puddles to jump in Labor Day weekend.
I didn't realize how humid it was until I attempted to take the first picture....
B has boots.  Mel is barefoot.  She would be naked, if given that option so the lack of shoes is no biggie... 
Cheap entertainment... 
After all the fun was over, they went to the shop to "help" Brad on the combine. 
We started harvesting on Thursday.  So far the yields have been somewhat surprising.  I'm sure we'll have good fields and bad fields, but as Brad says, "We'll take what we can get." 
Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. now that looks fun.....love puddle jumping....

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