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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures of the Girls...

I like to take the girls yearly pictures in the summertime.  Close to the start of school.  Don't get me wrong.  I take their pictures all the time, but this time we try to be more formal about it.... actual posing, combed hair, clean faces.  All the other times during the year, they could be donning dirty faces, marker on body parts, crazy hair, you get the point.  The process actually went fairly well.  I threatened asked Brad if he would help, but one day I decided to do it and the girls were actually excited about it so I didn't have to enlist Brad for which he is very thankful!
I didn't try very hard to get a picture of them together, therefore I didn't get a decent shot.  I know I will have to work extra hard to get one when the baby arrives, so why worry about it now?
Below are my faves...
This picture screams "freedom"... 
And no, I don't always let my kids run down the road.  Occassionally you may see me doing it while trying to escape, but not my kids!;0)


  1. Gorgeous little girls!! I love your editing too. Can't wait to see a photo of all 3!!!

  2. that last shot is my favorite..your girls are beautiful...love the chair photos too...

  3. Love these! They look so natural. I'm inspired now to get out with the girls and the camera soon, in between combining of course! Maybe IN the combine ?????

  4. These are great photos! Your girls are so adorable!


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