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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yes I work! I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom!!!!

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The subject of this post has been brewing inside my noggin for quite some time now, but it is finally coming to life after a recent encounter I had at a business last week.

Brad and I were talking with a salesman and the "job subject" was brought up.  The salesman asked if I worked (or something along those lines...I can't remember the exact words).

 I get this question a lot especially from people I haven't seen in a while. 
They typically ask, "Do you work?" and my response is always the same, "No.  I'm a stay-at-home mom."  Most people say, "Oh how lucky."...or something along those lines.
This time it was different.
When I said my usual response, "Nope.  I'm a stay-at-home mom."
His response was, "Wow!  I want your gig!" 
I could immediately see the thought bubbles forming above his head.
I tried to shoot back, as quick as I could with, "Yeah I work!  I'm a stay-at-home mom!", but I was too late!
I knew what he was thinking. 
Man it must be nice to stay home.  I could sleep in.  Sit on the couch and watch TV all day.  Eat whatever I want.

The Lonestar song Mr. Mom popped into my head.  I couldn't upload the video, but maybe you've heard it.
The dad loses his job and the wife goes to work until he finds another job.
He has plans to sleep in but the kids are up at the crack of dawn.
The kids trash the house.
It's been a while since I've heard the song, but you get the gist.
Being a stay-at-home dad is totally not what he expected.

Now I'm not giving all the guys out there a bad wrap because I know there are tons of very understanding men out there.  I happen to be married to one of them.  But this guy just didn't get it.

What I wanted to tell him was that I don't get to sleep in.  I have a daughter in Kindergarten who has to be up in time to eat breakfast, get dressed and make it to the bus on time.  Our other daughter, is a lot like her dad and likes to see the sun come up every morning.

I hardly ever sit down.  I am usually on my feet for most of the day.

When I do find time to sit down, it isn't for long as one of the kids usually need something.

I have about one hour to get all of the "me time" stuff done.  Whether it be checking emails, photography work, blogging, showering. 

I make lunch everyday and when the guys are in the fields, I deliver lunch everyday!

There is always laundry to be done.

Floors need swept and mopped.

Toilets need scrubbed.

Beds need made.

The grass needs mowed.

And there could be vomit in some corner of my house that needs to be cleaned up as we have been battling the flu around here!

Kids need loved on.

The list goes on and on and is never done!

I am definitely not complaining.  I love being a stay-at-home mom and am thankful every single day that I get to do this "gig". 

However, from now on when people ask me if I work I am proudly going to say, "Yeah I work.  I'm a stay-at-home mom!"



  1. Tell them you are a farm wife and full time mom and taking applicants for a personal assistant. We should do a RFOA joint blog on a day in the life of a "stay at home" mom. Crazy people just don't have a clue! YOU GO GIRL! YOU ROCK!


    But I wonder if anyone will ever get it that doesn't want to - I have had people say to me "that must be nice" and other say "I wouldn't want your job" - I have done it for so long I have given up the explanation - when people ask if I work I just say "no" now because they are either going to understand or they aren't and have their own opinion! It is completely frustrating!

  3. Good for you, that's waht I would say. I work outside the home but staying at home might be more work!

  4. And I get weird looks from the moms that do work. And then I either get what do you do all day? Or like all of you, must be nice or I wouldn't want your job.
    I get up by 5 to do chores before I get our kids up. I go to bed early. But I take my kids to school, go on fieldtrips with them and here of their sick. My husband farms and works a full time job, so i do a lot inside and out.

  5. That's right!! We do work! You and I must have the same schedule; I barely sit down too and if I do I'm definitely working on something! I've gotten that same question too and that's a great answer! YOU ROCK MOM!!

  6. you have the hardest job in the world...long hours...low pay...but the rewards are so much better than those of the so called "working folks"

  7. And you forgot to mention something else . . . no one will accept your resignation letter when you've had enough! ;)

  8. My only response is, wow I love you Sarah!!!!!

  9. You are lucky that you get to stay home with your girls. I just finished my maternity leave, and then my job was eliminated. I've been looking for work for a few months now, but I so enjoy my time at home with the kids.

    I just followed you on faccebook.

  10. I Love this!! I worked all the way through the day our second little guy was born and can't imagine being back at work full time. I am torn knowing that I missed so much with our oldest the first 2 1/2 years, but I know he really needed the social interaction he got at day care. I am even more thankful not to be trying to juggle my sick days and covering work loads when they are sick for a week at a time.

    Being a Full Time Mom is definately more work than I could have ever imagined, and even more rewarding.


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