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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cooking With the Girls...

The other night Brad went to help my uncle sell hogs which left me home alone with two very grumpy little girls.

So I decided to do what I always do when I am having a bad day.  We baked.

B saw these at the grocery store and wanted to make them....
Now I'm not a fan of stuffed food.  I think it is the sinking your teeth into the unknown is what freaks me out, but I gave in and I am glad that I did because it kept them entertained and there was no fighting for a whole 15 minutes.

They started out by placing cupcake liners in the pans...

(I'm not really sure why my counter top cleaner is placed this close to food.  Please pretend like you don't see this.)
Next B poured in the water...

I added a couple eggs and the girls mixed it all up...

Love them....
Fill the cupcake liners half full with mix.  Then top with the filling.

Then add the rest of the mix...
The girls enjoyed watching them rise in the oven...
Now I have to admit, these were not our favorite.  B burnt her tongue because she didn't listen to me when I told her the filling would be hot.

She had to leave a note for Brad that read, "Dad, the filling was too hot."  I guess that was his warning!


  1. Hey, If it turned their frowns upside down for a while, it was worth it. I should give you the whole cup-cake maker thingy I received for Christmas from my bro and SIL. Your girls would love it. I need to make more than seven at a time! LOVE that your oven is in your wall, and LOVE the pic of the girls watching the cup cakes bake.

  2. Once againg love the pic of their funny faces always makes me giggle and I needed that!
    ALSO YOU ARE A GENIUS - what a great idea to give each kid a 6 cupcake pan instead of having them share a regular 12 muffin pan - where were you when my kids were that young???????

  3. I love that picture of B with the peace sign and Mel with the thumbs-up. B's face is hilarious!

  4. I love how you let your girls do so many hands on activities...

  5. I love that you are able to do a group Baking project on a grumpy note! Grumpy kids seem to ask for cookies quite often around here and I can't seem to muster the patience to even consider it. Maybe, I need to reconsider! :)


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