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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Girl and Her Gun...

If you are anything that flies in our yard than you better watch out for this girl and her gun...

especially if she thinks you are the bird(s) responsible for pooping on her trampoline.

Unless it's a robin, then she'll leave you be.
but anything else is fair game!
Oh and hummingbirds are free to fly as well...but all other flying objects are free game.
A girl and her gun....it's a beautiful thing!


  1. LOVE this! I'm pretty good with a 4-10. Who needs to go big when you shoot straight! ;-) You Go Girl! Just make sure you know where the house, siblings, pets, parents, and moving vehicles are at all times. There is a line in the sand. and pooping on one's trampoline is definitely a line! City folk might not understand this post, but it's what we do out here; we do it safely and we do it WELL!

  2. I love that her shoes and gun match...great post...

  3. Love that pink! She would get along well with my son.


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