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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Wrangler Giveaway!!...

Oh how I love Wranglers.  Especially when they are on Miss Mel's bottom... 
Another reason I like Wranglers is because they are tough. 
When you live on a farm you need a brand of jeans that is durable and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

So when Wrangler approached the Real Farmwives of America about this giveaway, I jumped on it like a fly to poo!
We currently have four pairs of jeans lying on the floor in the bedroom that are either waiting to be patched or will be cut up and used for patch material....

Each time a pair of jeans gets torn or is deemed unsafe to wear on the farm, then that pair is added to the "patch pile" and my time in the laundry room increases.
So a new pair of Wranglers in Brad's drawer meant one less day that I would have to do laundry through the week. 

These jeans have definitely passed the "wear and tear test"...

 And they keep me and my washing machine happy!

Would you like to win a pair of Wranglers for the man in your life?
I knew you would, so go to The Real Farmwives of America and enter to win!

While Wrangler did provide me with these jeans the opinions and photos expressed here are all my own.



  1. I have a pile that need patched too, but they usually wear out all over the place at the same time so we just go with a new pair. Wranglers is the only brand we can find rather easily with a 38 inch inseam that my long-legged husband needs. That reminds me; it's probably time to order because his "good" pairs are finding their way to the work pile.

  2. I grew up on farm and loved my Oshkosh Bibbed overalls. Of course, mine were pink!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday!

  3. we never get rid of jeans around here...my Mom makes quilts out of the worn out ones...

  4. Those pants are so darn cute on her!

  5. I love it. My little C has a pair of Wranglers I'll have to post a pic soon.

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