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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011...

Hi there!  Remember me?
Yeah.  It's been a while. 
My last post was on Christmas Eve.  If you even consider that a post as I was just sharing our Christmas card with you.

I decided to take a little unexpected break from the blogging world and let me just say, I think it was exactly what I needed.  I can't say I really missed it because my days were spent enjoying time with family and the girls.

B goes back to school on Wednesday. 
Her last day of school, I kept singing the Christmas song that goes, "and Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again" over and over because, honestly I was kind of dreading it.
As much as I love her, Mel and I have gotten into the groove of it just being the two of us and it's kind of nice.
Now, I am dreading her going back to school because it has been nice.  We have had to deal with only a few fights.  We have been able to sleep in.  We slept in until 9:00 on New Years Day!  That hasn't happened in a long time!  I told Brad that was the benefit of taking your kids with you to the New Years party.

Last week we went to Build-A-Bear one day (pictures to come) and went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chipwrecked another day.  Such a good movie!  Totally recommend it!

So on Wednesday we will ship B off on the good ole yellow bus again and Mel will probably jump for joy as she has her mommas undivided attention yet again, but until then I'm savoring the moments.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!
We enjoyed our time with family at all 7 of our get togethers.
That's right, 7!  By the end we are usually exhausted, but it is totally worth it.
We were spoiled with wonderful presents.  We truly have a great family!

I didn't take pictures at all the parties.  Shocking, I know but I guess I was living in the moment.

Cooking at the Crane family Christmas...

The kids enjoyed playing games while waiting for supper...
The guys enjoyed watching the IU game.... 

The Alexander's had me take a few photos of them as they said it had been a while and desperately needed one... 
The girls entertained the crowd... 
Someone requested a "kid" shot, even though we aren't all kids anymore.
Some "kids" didn't cooperate.
I'm not going to mention names or who they belong to because I'm sure you can see for yourself ;0)... 
The following day was my family Christmas.
We have outgrown my grandparent's house, so we have it at the Lions Club.

B's mind went blank as she got on Santa's lap... 

Within a few seconds it all came back to her.

I think they were making a pact in this photo.
Something along the lines of being a good little girl.... 
He, of course, brought presents... 
Mel was a little scared of Santa this year though she did go and get her gift... 
I think she might have watched A Christmas story too many times.
The part where Santa shoves Ralphie down the slide may have her a little frightened.

This is my mom and dad with their kids/ in-laws/ grand kids... 
Mel was feeling a little groggy Christmas morning.  "Uncle" Andy got her a text and learn the night before and she wanted to play that rather than open her gifts... 
 She quickly got over that once she saw that Santa left her a Pee Wee unicorn Pillow Pet...
Love this sleepy little face... 
B got her pink BB gun.
This photo reminds me of Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he opens his BB gun... 
Wait!  Maybe I'm the one who has watched that movie too many times.

When B opened it, Mel said, "Don't shoot your eye out, B!"

A joint gift... 

Before B could shoot, she had to learn a little gun safety...

I think I heard Brad say, "Red means danger.  I NEVER want to see red showing when inside the house!", a dozen times.  His drilling must have worked because she checks it a lot! 
Don't worry!  The gun was NOT loaded! 

She loves it and has shot with it just about every day.
She even made her own target out of a shoebox! 



  1. Oh Sarah... I love seeing your families celebrating this joyous season!! smile.... but especially the children! I have to love B and her bb gun...she is a girl after my own heart...smile...

    xoxo Gert

  2. sounds like a great family christmas...my son got his bb gun at the same age...he wore it out...

  3. Looks like great family times for you guys!

  4. ha! We got you beat! We had 9!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Glad you enjoyed a break. Family time wins every time! And 7 get togethers, wow! We had three and were exhausted. HA! It looks like you all had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun!!! I love the pink gun!!

  7. So cute! Our big-little guy just got his first BB gun from my brother... I'm gritting my teeth as I know he'll be waiting for daddy to get home every evening to shoot with him. Safety first!

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