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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I coached and Brittney played yet another year of soccer.  I would call the season a success.  We wrapped up the season Saturday.  We didn't win all of our games, but that doesn't matter.  The kids (and coaches) had fun while learning the fundamentals of soccer and that is all that mattered.

I feel like Kindergarten soccer should be more fun than anything.  We taught our kids the basics, but didn't drill it into their heads.  One thing I have learned from coaching, substitute teaching, and being a parent is that if you don't make it fun, the kids won't show any interest in it.

This was my second year of coaching and I have learned that most of the coaches in this age group are pretty relaxed and just want their players to have a good time.  This year we played a team that, let me just say, their coaches were a "peach" to play against.  They were die hards.  I have to say, I didn't agree with their coaching at all.  They were so hard on those little kids.  One of the coaches got so frustrated with one of his players when she kept trying to make a goal, and kicked it out of bounds multiple times.  He told her to go stand elsewhere and let someone else have the ball.  This same coach tried to coach our team.  B went to throw the ball in and threw it towards the wrong goal.  He got in her face and told her (in a nutshell) that she was wrong because she should have thrown it towards the other goal.  B hung her head low and was almost in tears.  Someone she didn't even know was criticizing her.  This coach made B, Miss J(the other coach), and myself look like idiots and I did NOT appreciate it.  Luckily, I was standing there when he was telling B all about what she did wrong.  Mama Bear came out and I told her that it didn't matter because she did a good job and she was having fun.  He quickly tried to cover up what he said.  Luckily we only had to play them once or I may not have been as civil the next time.

Any who, enough of my soap box.  The last game was awesome.  We won 4-0.  B scored one of those goals and I was so proud of her.  I may have had a few tears!  Lauren captured the celebration after she scored.  There we are in the middle in our little celebratory hug...

After the game the kids received medals...

B and Me...


  1. Both of my kids played soccer for quite a few years. A great all around sport. Glad to hear it has been positive for your daughter.

  2. I coached for my son when he was little..I actually had a Dad cuss me out because I took his 5 year old out of the game when he told me his tummy hurt...it was nuts....

  3. Hang in there with coaching! What a fantastic role model you are. It gets more and more intense as they get older and I try to keep some sanity through it. :)


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