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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Note To Self: Slow Down!...

This past Spring I realized that time was going by way too fast.  I am a stay-at-home mom yet I still felt like I wasn't spending enough time with the girls.  I was feeling an enormous amount of guilt.  I think it was B's preschool graduation that finally got me thinking about this.  I knew that in the fall she would be starting kindergarten and long gone are the days of all three of us being home together.  Long gone are the days when we can just pack up and go somewhere if we wanted.  Our summers are so crazy busy with yard work and the garden and then I tried to cram the photography thing on top of that. I was always stressed. 

Brad and I made the decision 5 1/2 years ago for me to stay at home so I could be there for our kids yet I was cheating them.  My patience was always thin.  I was always thinking of something else I should be doing (housework, yard work, canning, editing photos etc.)  instead of devoting my time to them.  The littlest thing would "set me off".  I didn't feel like I was a good mom.   I realized that I needed to slow down and savor every poopy diaper and temper tantrum that I could.  So, some "thing" had to give and that "thing" was my photography. 

I didn't want to give it up completely so Brad and I decided that, during the summer, I would only take pictures of family and close friends.  I was worried that I hadn't made the right decision.  I was worried that people would think of me as someone who doesn't "stick to anything". (I worry a lot in case you haven't noticed), but as Brad ALWAYS  tells me, I stopped worrying about what other people were thinking and only worried about myself and my family. 

This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made!  This was the best summer with the girls yet and I hope we can have many more like this one!

One of my sessions this summer was with these two cutie pies.
Their parents are our friends and I am so glad I got to capture these moments for them.


Their personalities remind me a lot of my girls'.

Can you tell who the "jokester" is in the family?;0)... 

Every once in a while I have the opportunity to babysit them.  I use the term babysit lightly because they keep my girls entertained! 
They have the best sense of humor.  Brad loves to joke around so he gets along with them also.  He will say something at lunch and B will usually say, "Dad, seriously!"  T & K just laugh!

Love this photo!... 



  1. Dont worry Sarah, your girls will always remember those times with you, and when they get big, like me lol, they will appreciate everything that you and Brad have done for them! You are a great mom! I hope I am just as great when I am a mom.

    Denise Amos

  2. Maybe its the change in the season that makes us stop and think how fast time is going by. The change in bedroom decore has really done in me! but we are great moms because we have taken the time to put their needs before our own, and they will appreciate that one day! take care...:)

  3. adorable photos..you did the right thing...they grow up too fast....

  4. Your girls will always remember the memories they have with you. I am always trying to slow down and fail at it. My kids have learned to run with me!


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