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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craft Time...

For this week's craft time, the girls and I made a Friendly Ghost Flag.

You will need:
1 white trash bag
Acrylic paint
Flat marbles
Super glue
Yarn or twine string (what we use to hold bales of hay together)

Cut 2 fairly large triangles near the top and edge of the bag...

Cut triangles out of the bottom of the bag to create a jagged effect...

Paint the eyes, nose, mouth, bow tie, buttons, etc.  I recommend using acrylic indoor/outdoor paint.  We only had black and B refused to paint each item black, so she used washable.  It didn't last very long.

I also super glued the flat marbles to the bottom of the trash bag for some added weight.  The instructions said craft glue, but I used super glue because I knew they wouldn't stick with craft glue.  It gets very windy around here.  I don't recommend letting your child use the super glue.  They may glue their fingers together or may decide to pick their nose and have it on their hands and you can guess the outcome of that one!  Just had to throw that disclaimer in their.

Now enlist someone to hang the ghost from the tree.
I enlisted Brad on a day he wanted to hurry up and eat lunch then get back to the field.
He stomped around for a bit.  Then I told him if he ever wanted me to cook for him again he better get on that ladder and hang that ghost from the tree.  He did it!;0)
It was pretty windy on the day he hung it from the tree so I had to wait til evening to snap a picture.  You can see why I recommend using indoor/outdoor paint!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Lovr your idea!!

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  2. This is too cute! I may have to attempt this one with my daughter before Halloween.


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