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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


No time for real blogging today, but I wanted to share 2 signs with you.

I saw this one on Leah's blog and I think I need it.  I would hang it in our backroom where everyone enters our house.  If I had this sign it would explain EVERYTHING.  

Source: Catching Fireflies
  And last, but certainly not least...
I copied this sign from Jill at Boys, Bovines, and Blessings (Thanks Jill!).  I think I need this sign also. I might hang it right beside the good moms sign.  Then our house would definitley be covered.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Coming over from Beyer Beware's Hunk of Meat Monday. Just wanted to tell you that I am posting your pork chop recipe in my Friday Finds. Love the signs. We have 25 acres that we raised three kids with horses on. Now we raise sagebrush. When a dairy wanted to build in our area (it is agricultural, after all), we made many of our neighbor's mad because we would not oppose it. The second sign represents our feelings exactly. I am going to share this with my husband.


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