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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Rainbow Birthday Party For a Cute 3 Year Old...

Mel turned 3 on September 5th.(hard to believe!  it's a good thing she is tiny for her age so it's not too difficult to grasp!)  We celebrated on the 9th with family and close friends.  The theme was rainbow because Mel (usually) has such a bright spirit, so when I see a rainbow it reminds me of her personality. When Brad started building the shop, B said he should paint the inside rainbow colors.  Well, we decorated as much as he would allow.  He wouldn't let us paint the walls.  Although, I think we could have because they aren't finished yet.  Once the insulation and metal is up, you will never see it!   

It is so easy to decorate with rainbows.  Every birthday from this day forward will be a rainbow theme.  Sorry Brad! ;o)

Here she is riding her tricycle in her birthday outfit!  I bought it off Etsy from Lulu Grace Designs.  I highly recommend this little shop.  She has some adorable outfits!!!
 The girls and I spent an afternoon this summer making these rainbow wind catchers.  A Craft Time post showing how to make them is in the near future.
 My idea with the rainbow wind catchers was to have them hanging from the ceiling, but Ben had to have his forklift back!  Every idea I suggested to Brad he turned down.  Something about putting a ladder in the loader of the tractor and standing on the very top step just didn't seem safe to him.
 Paper chains.  Remember making those in school???

 The pots of gold...
 Treat bags for all the little kids....
 B's friend Trisha.  Margaret came later.  I am sad to say that there are no pictures of Margaret to document that she was at this party.  She has been to every party for the last 3 years.
 The cake...

 I think Kelsey is upset that the cake was taken away.  She was ready to dive in.  Love that little kiddo!
 Kelsey....(trying to smile, but still has cake on the brain)
 Mel Bell...
 B and Margaret were about the same age as Mel and Kelsey when I started to babysit Margaret (occasionally).  We are hoping that these two can strike up a friendship like they have, but right now they fight like your average 2 & 3 year olds.;0)

Trish giving Mel some lovin'.  She is such a sweetheart!

"It's just too pretty to eat."... 
 Just for record, there were several boys at the party...


  1. Such a cute theme. I love the decor and her outfit is adorable!

  2. Cute, cute! But where's the pony? She did get a pony, didn't she? She definitely needs a pony. :)

  3. what a fun idea....now I will think of her when I see a rainbow...

  4. Here's wishin' that precious little Princess Mel a wonderfully fun birthday.

    What a bright idea a rainbow party is!! Fun!!!

    God bless and have a bright and beautiful day!!!

  5. Love this cute idea for a party! And those rainbow hangers are so cute. I saw them on Meg's Whatever site once and I've been dying to make them.

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