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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Lot of Lovin' For Leontien

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to join The Real Farmwives of American and Friends.  I have also had the chance to meet several other Indiana bloggers at a couple of "brown bag" meetings.  One of our fellow RFOA&F, and blogger, is needing our prayers.  While I have never met Leontien (and I have confidence that I will get to meet her someday) I follow her blog and I have heard her friends talk about her and have experienced the way their faces light up while doing so. 

Leontien is a proud cancer survivor, but her cancer is back.
She is from the Netherlands and moved to America because she "had an American Dream about milking cows, hugging my Black Stallion and drive my BMW on dusty back roads with the music cranked up".  You can read about her American Dream here (one of my favorite posts) and the story about Panties With Skulls here.

Leontien is a cancer survivor, but her cancer is back.  So the farmwives have declared this (and everyday) "Love for Leontien Day".

So let's rally together and give Leontien lots of loving and pray that this cancer gets kicked in the butt!!!
Visit her blog and offer some encouraging words!

Or visit the Love for Leontien facebook page set up in her honor.


  1. hurray for this post! i saw it over on Patrice's blog this morning and added these 2 buttons to my sidebar already to show/share the love! :)

  2. Hi Sarah!!!

    I sooooo wish we could meet someday yes!! that would be great cause i could give you a big BIG hug!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post and all the loving from you and the girls!



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