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Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet Mutts...

B and I spent the day shopping on Saturday...just the two of us. My brother and sister-in-law gave her a gift card to Build-a-Bear last year for Xmas. It was her first time at Build-a-Bear and she LOVED it. She picked out the dog, stuffed it, and then she picked out two outfits for him. One is a Rock Star shirt with jeans...and she had to get him a vampire costume for Halloween. When we got to the computer to type out his birth certificate, I asked her what she wanted to name him. She thought about it and finally replied, " How about Mutts?" I think it is kind of a cute name and I was surprised she thought of something that "creative". Normally she names her animals the obvious: puppy, bunny, monkey...etc. The dog came with a little puppy and she decided to name him Tyler after her cousin. Then on the way home she changed his name to Ladder. Seriously, Ladder?? What kind of name is that?? But, she picked it so it was fine. Last night I convinced her that Tyler was such a better name for a puppy than Ladder and told her I didn't think the puppy looked like a Ladder....he looks more like a Tyler...and so the puppy's name is Tyler again!! Yay!!

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