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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jello Face...

While I was catching up on some much needed picture work the other day, Mel was busy doing this...

Okay all you fellow mothers with white carpet, insert cringe here!:0)
The girls woke from their naps and they both wanted a snack. I gave Mel her norm of raisins, goldfish...i can't remember...i just know she wasn't supposed to have RED jello. Meanwhile, I gave B her snack of raisins, goldfish...again, i can't remember. B decided she wanted RED jello instead so, she got it out of the fridge herself, opened it, and ate it at the kitchen table, like a good little girl is supposed to do....EXCEPT she left it unattended and that is when Miss Mel snatched it up and began eating it. I swear that girl can smell food 100 miles away!!:0) So, then she proceeded to carry it around the house, eating it and letting it drip all down the front of her. You can imagine my expression when I caught a glimpse of what was going down. Fortunately, none of it ended up on my white carpet...only on her and her clothes. She was really enjoying the RED jello and, needless to say, was not happy when I took it away from her...only after following her around the house to get a few more pix!

all gone???...

The stains came out thanks to my new laundry BFF, Tide Stain Release in-wash booster! It is, by far, the best stain release I have tried...and I have tried several!

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