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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor...

My niece turned 2 yesterday. We went to her house on Tuesday to celebrate. We started off the celebration by enjoying McDonald's. When I was uploading this picture I realized I should have moved my diet coke so you could see B's face. Oh well, you can't see Mel's either. She insisted on holding that ball the entire time she ate!
I know...it is her birthday, not Xmas, but B had to wrap every single item that we got her. This was the last gift we wrapped and we ran out of birthday paper.

See....I had Birthday paper too!!:0)

B wanted to give her Minnie and Mickey because every time she is at our house she carries them everywhere, so that was B's gift to her!!

Then we had to set up the train track. I told my sister I was glad she had this and not me. B had all four trains going at the same time...they kept derailing and she needed help to fix them...Mel kept stepping on the track....ugh!! That's a toy that should be kept at Aunt Amy and Uncle Lance's house because if we have it...I might go insane!!! FYI...Santa we don't need that!!!! I am joking it was fun...it wore on my nerves a bit, but it was fun!!:0)

Mel thought maybe the shopping cart would work better...

I tried everything to get this little girl to look at the camera, but she wouldn't...still a sweet pic.

Trying to take a pic of 3 kids under 4 = FAIL. My dad gave my mom a locket last year for Xmas and we are trying to update the picture in it. She is going to put the twins on one side and the girls on the other. This is our second attempt at it and we didn't get very far...I thought you all might need a good laugh so I posted them for your viewing pleasure...

B, the one who normally cooperates, didn't...and whatever Amy was doing behind me, Mel thought was hysterical...

Oh B...what more can I say??

The best one of the bunch...I think!?

They are over it...
Well, third times a charm, right??

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