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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fourth of July Yarn Wreath...

For some reason I don't really decorate for the Fourth of July.  We celebrate the holiday, but my decorations are usually non-existent.  My kitchen is Americana theme so really I consider myself to be pretty patriotic and I guess my house is always decorated for the Fourth!  So, this year I decided to dress up our front door for the special day.  I saw this cute little easy to make wreath somewhere on the internet, so I decided to make it to display on our front door.  After a quick visit to Hobby Lobby on my birthday (I love that store!), I had all the supplies I needed!

I failed to take a picture of the supplies, but here is the list:

red yarn (whatever tone of red you would like is fine.  I wanted mine to be a little more "vintage looking" so I chose a darker color)
blue yarn (whatever tone)
white yarn (whatever tone.  I went with more of an ivory to go with my "vintage" look)
white felt (again, I used an ivory tone or off-white, but use whatever suits your fancy!)
hot glue

To make the wreath, begin by wrapping the yarn around the wreath in whatever widths or dimensions you would like your strips to be.  I started with the blue.  I just overlapped my ends so I didn't have to glue them, but you can also use hot glue.  Whatever works for your!  I also did a couple layers to make sure there wasn't any straw peeking through.

Once it is all wrapped, it's time to make your stars.  Cut them out of white felt and glue them on with hot glue.  You can use as many or as less as you want.  I made two different sizes and cut out 13 for the 13 original colonies:)

Ta Da!...


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