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Monday, September 9, 2013

11 Months...

One month.  In one month, Jo will be one!  Well, actually less than a month considering I am late yet again on getting this post published.  It's hard to believe!

Our 11 month photo shoot went much like the others.  Missy Poo refusing to smile and insisting on holding everything in sight.  This time it was my lens cap and the Scotch tape.  Whatever keeps her happy!  She's been pretty fussy lately.  She wants held a lot.  I don't mind it, except I babysit for an 8 month old and it is hard to hold two babies at once.  I can do it, but my back doesn't like it very much.  I'm hoping it's just her teeth and not a phase because sometimes those phases seem to last forever!  It's been about two months since her last two teeth popped through so I suppose it's time for her to get some new ones.  It's so hard for me to tell when babies are teething!!  

She has been sleeping all night for the last two weeks, but last night decided to wake up at 3 AM and wouldn't go back to sleep until 5 AM.  I'm hoping tonight is a better night.  I value my sleep and the rest of the family appreciates when I get a good night's sleep as well.
She is busy!  She is definitely the busiest out of the three.  She figured out how to open cabinets and drawers.  That is fun.  B and Mel never did that!  She's still a pro at climbing the stairs.  She stood up in the middle of the room a couple of times, but hasn't dared to take a step yet.  As weird as it may sound to some people, I'm ready for her to start walking.  She loves being outside and likes to explore on her own. She crawls through the grass, rocks, everything.  I'm ready for her to walk so it won't be so painful to watch.  I know if it bothered her she wouldn't do it.  
She loves the sandbox!  She doesn't really play with toys other than what her sisters are playing with, much to their dismay, but she will keep herself entertained in the sandbox for hours!  She is always dirty!!!  Within 5 minutes of her waking up, she's usually dirty.  I've given up keeping her clean! 

She can say: "Hi", "Bye", "Mom-mom", "Dad", "Whats at" and can growl.  She can wave Bye and waves when we tell her "night-night." 
She only eats table food and still doesn't care what is in front of her.  She'll eat anything.  She drinks milk at meal time.  I haven't started weaning her from the bottle yet.  She still seems like she needs them. 

This picture pretty much sums up her mood lately... 
Love this picture... 
She absolutely adores her dad, but we all do around here:)... 

One more month till one!


  1. Love the pictures, especially the ones with Daddy! :)

  2. she is just too cute...my Jodi was that way to...always into everything...always dirty....love those shots of her with her Daddy...just melted my heart...


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