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Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Going On?

Just thought I would take a moment to get you all caught up on what's been going on around here while I have a few seconds.

Jody's swing decided to stop working.  This is the second swing we have had since becoming parents 7 years ago.  We thought B broke the first one when Mel was a baby because she would push it when it wasn't on so we thought the gears got stripped or something.  So, we bought another one when Mel was a couple weeks old because those swings are life savers in our book!  We bought the same model and it decided to quit working about a month ago.  That doesn't seem like a big deal considering Jo Jo is now 6 months old and shouldn't have to sleep in a swing right?  Wrong.  She sleeps fine in her crib at night, but refused to nap in her crib.  Plus, she would take a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon in her swing, so why ruin a good thing??  Well, once the swing decided to stop working we didn't have a choice.  The first few days were rough, but we chugged right along and now she sleeps like a champ in her bed.  Thank goodness.

Even Brad who can fix anything, couldn't fix it.  He tried because we really didn't have anything to lose.  I put this picture on Instagram and someone commented and said that they had the same problem.  Hmm...

Jo Jo doing what she does best:)..

Jo Jo has been on baby food since about 5 months old.  She loves everything, but prefers veggies over fruits.  I think she gets that from me.  Sometimes I let the girls feed her if I am trying to get things done around the house.   
It gets a little messy, but it helps me out... 
Mel always has her mouth open when she's trying to get Jo Jo to open hers... 
I took Jo Jo's six month pictures.  It involved a tutu.  That's all I'm going to say for now:) 
We celebrated Easter which also meant a first for Jo Jo.  The girls were so excited for her to "open" her basket.. 
The best picture I could get of our 3 before rushing off to church.  Does anyone else always run late for church or is it just us??  We always manage to make it in plenty of time, but the mornings are filled rushing to get ready.  No matter what time I wake up, I'm always running late!
The field work is still setting in idle for right now thanks to Mother Nature.  Everyone is trying not to complain especially after the drought we had last summer.  We all know we will probably be thankful for this moisture sooner or later.  Brad did take the planter out for a little test drive a couple weeks ago just to make sure everything was working right.  I posted this picture on Facebook and said"This is happening right now." I think we had everyone talking in all the surrounding counties:)
B and Mel got their pigs for the fair.  B's is Grant and Mel's is Wilbur.  B will get to show hers in the Runt class at the fair, but Mel isn't old enough.  We let her get one because we knew she would enjoy it and it would keep B's happy. 

So far the girls are doing a great job making sure they have food and water. 
Mel is becoming a champ at this... 

She had to check out their house.  She probably would have slept out there if we would have let her:) 

I continue to be thankful every single day for the people that I get to meet through social media.  I have met some pretty awesome people and some of them are now my great friends.  I wouldn't have met them if I didn't start this blog 5 years ago! We went to a birthday party yesterday for Brad's cousin and I got to meet this lovely lady.

I've been following her blog, The Unconventional Doctor's Wife, for a while now and recently started following her on Instagram.  Long story short, her husband and Brad's aunt completed their residency together and now they are in the same practice!!!  Definitely a small world!!   She also has another blog, The Orange Bird where she and her friend Birdie use their creativity to make and sell things to make profit in order to support organizations and people in need around the world.  It's a great blog!  Please check it out!!  They also have a cute little shop that you can find here all of the proceeds benefit someone in need.

I have also been babysitting for about a month now.  Miss Mo Mo is fitting right in with our girls and I think she and Jo Jo are going to be the best of pals!

Whew!  Okay time to get off of here and take the girls to gymnastics.  Happy Monday everyone!


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