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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Front Porch...

I've been a slacker once again, but I finally have photos and content to blog about...I just hope one day I can find the time to upload the photos and type up a blog post!  So, today I am joining Patrice from Everyday Ruralty for a farmhouse chat.
Everyday Ruralty

1)Do you prefer to drive or be driven?
I prefer to be driven.  I like to sit back, relax, and take in the sights.

2)What's your favorite kind of jam, jelly, or preserve?
My favorite type of Jam is the strawberry jam that I make from fresh strawberries from my garden.  A super easy recipe and super yummy!

3) Do you have any special plans for this spring or summer?
We don't have any special plans right now.  We try to get the spring planting rush out of the way and then we will talk about a possible summer vacation.

4)Lots of folks are becoming aware of issues with food. There are many articles, books, and movies on topics like allergies, GMO, pesticide use, bad or no labeling, over processed foods, foods from other countries that may not have high standards, and many more topics. What concerns you the most? If nothing concerns you, have a cookie and skip to the next question.

Well, this question was the main reason I decided to participate in this chat.  Nothing really concerns me.  While I could have a cookie and skip this question, I can't.  We live on a farm, and I see all the important "behind the scenes" stuff that I feel people are misinformed about.  I try to keep things light hearted on this blog, but I will tell you that the population is increasing.  I know that's no surprise to anyone, but we are expected to have a 2 billion increase in world population by the year 2050.  The current world population is 7 billion.  All of these people have to live somewhere which leads to a decrease in farmland because of residential areas pushing into rural areas.  So some things have to change so that production can increase to feed all of these people.  One of my good friends recently wrote a blog post about GMOs and you can read it here.  Another friend of mine has a very informative blog called Agricultured.  I highly recommend reading it and maybe adding it to your blog roll.  She talks about all kinds of hot agriculture topics.

5)Do you use nail polish often? Finger nails, piggies, or both?
I don't use nail polish often, but I often use it on my daughters.  They like to have their nails painted all different colors.  I don't know when the last time was that mine were painted.  Sigh.


  1. Great answers! Love Patrice's chats. I need to get back in the "swing" of things.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I enjoyed reading your answers. Looks like alot of us love the strawberry jelly or jam!

    It's nice to "meet" you! :)


  3. Love your answer to the food question! People don't understand how big of a job it is to feed the world. Too bad the grocery stores don't just 'make' the food like most people think. :/

  4. All those people are going to need food. If they use the farm land to build homes, there might be a wee bit of a problem:P I look forward to reading both blogs you shared. I wish I had strawberries growing. We tried one year and hubby had a lot of escape chickens who did major damage to the plants. Have a great week. I hope to see you at a chat again.

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