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Friday, January 4, 2013

Project 52: Week 1...

A couple years ago, I participated in Project 365.  I enjoyed it.  It forced me to get my camera out and practice my photography skills every.single.day, but it was a huge commitment!  In the same sense, it was a HUGE accomplishment once I finally reached day 365. I thought about doing a picture a day on Instagram however, I have recently noticed that I don't get the "big camera" out as much as I used to.  I guess it's more convenient to just whip out the IPhone and snap a picture because I always have it with me.  Plus, I take like four pictures a day on Instagram so that wouldn't be much of a challenge.  I'm a little busier than I was 2 years ago because we are plus one child, so I decided that I could take a picture a week for one year.  52 pictures.  That's not bad.  I can handle that and it will still force me to drag out the "big camera" and focus on my photography!

So here are the photos for week #1.  As always, I couldn't pick just one that was my favorite, so here are three photos from week 1...

I hope that you enjoy following along with me and maybe some of you will decide to participate with me.  Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. I would LOVE to try this with you. Are there themes or is it anyhing goes?

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