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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Craft Time...Funny Snowmen...

I promise I will blog about something other than kid's crafts one of these days.  It's been busy yet boring around here so there isn't much to blog about other than the crafts I have been entertaining the kids with.

We made this craft the same time we made the melted snowman craft.  Margaret was with us and we had just gotten a huge dumping of snow, so I thought snowman crafts were appropriate.  However, as I sit here and type this it is currently 50 some degrees outside and we are expected to get thunderstorms later on along with 1-2 inches of total rainfall.  So, maybe you can pretend all the rain is snow and have some fun with your little ones while making this easy craft.
First, paint your child's hand with white paint. (no photos of this step because I was painting three girls' hands and it wasn't washable so after each one I promptly said, "Now go wash your hand and don't touch anything!!!")

Then dip the paint brush in the white paint and add snowflakes as well as some white at the bottom to look like snow on the ground.

Once the paint is dry, add the faces as well as anything else you would like on your snowman. 

That's it!  I told you it was easy.

Here is B's masterpiece... 
Mel's (she likes the color red, as you can see).... 
And last, but not least Margaret's... 

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