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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wittle Worms...

Mel loves worms.
She isn't afraid to pick them up and hold them.
They are usually all "wittle," so she usually names the find of the day, Baby Worm.

They don't last more than a day.
She has told me before that she wants a pet snake.  I haven't told her, but this is as close as it is going to get! 
She will find one and keep it in a jar until it dies.
Then she'll hug it close and throw it back outside and find another one.   She tries to find a proper resting spot for them.  She took one to gymnastics the other night (I don't think B's instructor was too impressed.  She asked what was in the jar and when B told her it was a worm, she got a little grossed out.  She is pregnant and I wanted to tell her that she better get used to gross things, but decided that I will let her find out the hard way!) and realized that it had died so we took it outside.  She started to lay it on the sidewalk, but then she was worried someone might step on it so she laid it to rest in the flower bed.  A suitable spot, I thought.
 At first the home was just a jar filled with some grass.  We tried to explain to her what earth worms do and how they need dirt to survive, but she wasn't buying it.  After about two fatalities, she decided to put some dirt in the jar along with the grass.


  1. I HATE WORMS! My sister used to pick them up and throw them at me!
    She is still cute even if she likes worms!

  2. LOL...that's awesome!! Just wait until she sneaks a snake home and you find it!

  3. One of my boys ate a worm when we were fishing. Ugh

  4. Too cute. And you are absolutely right...the gymnastics teacher needs to get used to gross things.

  5. I'm the one who will find worms on the sidewalk or road/walking path, and bend over, pick them up, and throw them back onto the black dirt so they have a chance to do their thing one more time. BUT! Nightcrawlers are as big as I go! Snakes are ICKY!

  6. I draw the line with snakes and rodents...every thing else is okay by me...

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