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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frosty the Snowman In May...

Probably one of my earliest memories from my childhood was watching Frosty the Snowman.  I would watch my brother and sister get on the school bus, wishing that I old enough for school...then it was Frosty time.
I didn't just watch it during Christmas.  I watched it every.single.day.  Even when it was 90 degrees in August, I was probably watching Frosty.  To this day, it is still my favorite holiday movie.

Mel usually wakes up about 15 minutes before B gets on the bus.  She always asks if she can watch a movie.  I always tell her, "When B gets on the bus you can watch it."  (B has a morning routine that involves Arthur and that is not to be disrupted, or it could be bad.)  For about a week straight, Mel's pick of the day was Frosty the Snowman.  It brought me back to that moment that I remember vividly.

I'm in a bit of a blogging rut right now.  Maybe it's because I have so much other stuff going on right now.  So, I'm asking you...what would you like to see more of on this little blog?  Maybe this will help me step out of this rut.  Leave a comment and let me know!  Have a great day!


  1. more pictures of my beautiful nieces!

  2. So cute! My son loves Frosty too. :)

  3. Frosty would really be fun to watch when it's 95* outside! :)
    How about some posts about what's going on around the farm? Planting?

  4. those photos are too precious...I love hearing about your girls and family life...the crafts are awesome too...we are still listening to Alvin and the chipmunks christmas CD...and watching Rudolf the rednosed reindeer...

  5. My daughter loves watching Frosty all year round!

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