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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flat Aggie...

Sarah from The House That Ag Built is teaching her 1st grade students all about agriculture through a doll that they created named Flat Aggie.  She is based on the book Flat Stanley.

Flat Aggie came to visit us last week all the way from California!

B took her for a short ride on her 4-wheeler, but decided that Aggie should really have a helmet!
We started planting corn a day before Aggie's arrival, so we took her to the field to check out the planter.  Buckle up!... 

She was surprised to see that the corn wasn't yellow, but red.  We explained that that is because it is treated with special ingredients that taste and smell nasty to bugs so they won't eat all the seed... 
Next she got to check out some of the tractors... 
 and the sprayer.  We spray the weeds in our fields so they don't take all the water and nutrients away from the corn and soybeans...
Next up was a visit with the cattle.  We raise beef cattle which are very different from dairy.  Beef cattle produce meat.  Dairy cattle are raised primarily for milk...
These grain bins are where we store our grain before it is taken to the grain elevator where it is sold... 
 The big hay bales...
In the summer, when the corn is still green, we chop it and this is called silage.  We store the silage in these bags to be fed to the cattle throughout the year... 
This is called a silage mixer.  It mixes silage with ground corn, hay and supplements which makes a yummy mixture that the cattle love!... 

The cattle are given mineral blocks to lick which provides them with a ton of vitamins and minerals... 

We hope that Flat Aggie enjoyed her visit and that her class enjoys hearing all about our farm.  Maybe she will come back to visit us during harvest!


  1. I don't know about Flat Aggie...but I sure enjoyed the visit...cool post

  2. Awesome farm tour! Flat Aggie should have some great stories to tell.

  3. Flat Aggie really did get a great tour!

  4. Sarah you are AWESOME!! My kids loved her adventure and learned so much! Thank you for having her! I have this adventure scheduled for tomorrow.

  5. What a great visit! I'm so glad that you got to meet Flat Aggie and help share your ag story! :)

  6. what a fun day you guys had I bet her class will get a complete kick out of it!!

    New follower via the blog hop!

  7. That's a great way to give kids a peek into agriculture when they live far away from it. #UBP12

  8. I love the Flat Aggie idea, very cool! I am going to share this with my teacher friends!

  9. Wow I think Flat Aggie loved that tour! Is she is up for it she can always come over and check out the dairy cows!

    Loved the pictures!
    Big HUGE hug

  10. What a great idea! It's great for kids to learn about real farming, right from the farm, not from a book!

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