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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012...

Our Easter weekend began on Friday night when we colored eggs.  During a cold January day I came across a pin on Pinterest that used Kool-Aid to dye Easter eggs.  I pinned it and was determined to try it.  Well, the week of Easter came and I felt a little lazy so on Thursday I headed to the store to buy the Paas egg dying kit.  They were completely sold out.  It's too much work to strap kids in and out of carseats while going from store to store to find one item.  So, I grabbed some Kool-Aid packets and called it good enough.

The Kool-Aid worked great!  Just mix a packet with about 2/3 cup of water and voila...instant color.

No nasty smelling vinegar.
No more waiting on the tablets to dissolve while trying to remain patient as the kids ask you over and over if it is time to start yet.

I added a little bit of orange to the yellow and a little blue raspberry to the purple per the pinners suggestion.  Blue was my favorite color of them all! 
Mel preferred to dunk hers immediately.

B preferred to draw on hers first... 
Since we didn't have the kit, we didn't have the egg dunking tool...for lack of a better word.  Brad whipped one up from a clothes hanger.  He's handy like that! ;0) 

Saturday was the egg hunt at our church.  This was the first time in 3 years that it hasn't been raining.  When it rains, they have it inside and that makes things crazy!

B and Mel are in different age groups so Brad always goes with Mel.  Those two are inseparable!
I stick with B.  She is in the blue sweatshirt... 

Easter morning they woke earlier than usual.
B was up so early that I didn't even get to see her go through her goodies.  I was pretty disappointed, but she tried to reenact it.

 All dressed and ready for church...
 Mel did not want to have her picture taken, so I did what any good mom does and told B to grab her around her neck and hold her there.  She listened and this was as good as it got!...
 After church we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Brad's parents.  The girls were spoiled with even more candy.
 We attempted a family photo and once again Mel wouldn't cooperate.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!



  1. I Love this post!! I also checked out the kool-aid dye kit, but the only Pinterest accomplishment of the week was using muffin pans to put the wet eggs in - Fabulous idea!
    Love the one-eyed grins, too! No family photo here, we remembered as everyone was undressing for showers before bed! Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, as The Durrer Family said, the one-eyed grins are precious. We did the dye kit, but I had seen the kool-aid thing on pinterest but was curious how much that would end up staining little fingers that sometimes end up in the dye??

  3. looks like a fun Easter...I saw they used Koolaid to die Playdoh also....isn't Pinterest awesome...I have found so many cool ideas there...I love the crafts you do with your girls....I'm keeping them in my memory banks for little britches...

  4. I love the Kool Aid idea, and they were so bright! cool! Lovely photos, glad to see everyone enjoyed Easter!

  5. Thanks SO much for mingling! What a sweet little family!

  6. I saw the Kool Aid thing on Pinterest recently too! Good to know that it actually works :) And it looks like you all had a fun Easter!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday. Hope you have a beautiful day my dear!


  7. Aww, your eggs turned out great! I love the pic of your little one in green holding up an egg, and the one of you with one of your girls at the end. Looks like a great Easter!


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