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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent pix...

Just some recent pix of the kiddos. Sorry for not blogging lately.
It has been crazy around here.
The guys are in the fields.
Soccer has started.
Mel is in a horrible...I mean wonderful phase right now where the littlest things set her off and the "red-headed" temper comes out.
She also thinks she has to take 50 things with her when we go somewhere.
I dropped her off at the field with Brad on my way to soccer and she had to take EVERYTHING!
I don't think there was enough room in the semi for Brad by the time they got everything in there.
If you try to take one item away from her she throws a huge fit.
We were at Wal-Mart today and she had to take her mini-van complete with two babies and a dog. When she got tired of riding in the cart, she wanted down. Instead of walking, she had to push the minivan! Ahhh the terrible twos ! Good times!
The girls have had there first colds of the season. Yay!!

Don't let this photo fool you.
This little girl has quite a temper...

Mel had her two year check up on Monday.
She has reached all the appropriate milestones for the average two year old.
The doc told us she is tall and skinny (we already knew that).
She only weighs 23 lbs.
I saw a 6 month old the other day and I think he weighed more than Mel.
She is tall and skinny like me....well, until I had kids!:)
Well I am caught up on editing photos right now, so maybe that will allow more time for blogging.
*There were two field fires in the county (that I know of). They think one was caused by someone throwing their cigarette out the window because there wasn't any fieldwork being done at the time.
So if you are a smoker.....PLEASE don't throw your cigarettes out the window! With the dry weather, it can spread in no time!
Have a wonderful evening and be safe!

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