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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Control Thing....

Remember my post the other day when I said Mel is going through a phase where she has to take EVERYTHING with her when she goes somewhere?

Well, here is proof...
The minivan...that is what we had to take in Super Wal-Mart with the twins safely setting in their car seats. Look closely in the above pic....they are in there!

So, you might think we were going on a long road trip or maybe to some body's house that doesn't have toys to play with.

Think again my friends!

We were going to the barn, fifty feet away, to feed the cat...

I have just learned to live with it and keep telling myself that it is just a phase.
A phase like when she started waking through the night at 15 months.
But, I think it is either a control issue or she is going through some kind of separation anxiety.
This too shall pass! I hope!:)
Have any of you ever had this issue??
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hey Sarah!! Isabel is the SAME way....and she's 3!! She has to take her "entourage" with her everywhere and heaven forbid we forget something or someone! Yikes! I have learned not to fight it too - it's just not THAT big of a deal. Pick your battles, right??

  2. Well, she and my princess would require a suitcase for playdates with each other then. Because you never know when you might need a blankie, duck, soccer ball, cup, bag, left shoe, book . . . you get the picture! ;)


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