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Saturday, January 2, 2010

They Have Moved...

Last Sunday was Pastor Dave and Pastor Jamalyn's last Sunday at our church. Church was very emotional...for me at least! There are "graceful criers" and those who just sob uncontrollably and end up hyperventilating(not really)...well I am the latter of the two. Anyhow, I cried through pretty much from beginning to end that day. At the beginning of church we sing a song and all the little kids are invited to go up front, pick out an instrument and play that instrument while singing the song. I watched B and Margaret as they were singing, dancing, and playing and I started crying. Then during the children't sermon, Jamalyn explained to the kids that they were moving, but that they could stay in touch by becoming pen pals...insert more uncontrolable sobbing here.
We lived very close to Dave and Jamalyn. Whenever B would say she wanted to go to Margaret's house, or vice versa, Jamalyn and I would call each other up, make plans. We could be at their house in 5 min. Now they are 65 minutes away(I map quested)...I know they could be 250 miles away, but for a 4 year old that is quite a distance. So, we will just have to plan ahead a little more and have plenty of sleepovers. I'm just worried the girls won't sleep if we let them have slumber parties:0) But, we will make it work.
Sunday night, the church had a farewell dinner for Dave and Jamalyn. After the meal, John Paul and Chantel presented Dave and Jamalyn with some awards.
When Dave came to the church his hair looked a little like John Paul's. And Chantel is wearing a sheriff's hat because when she became the associate pastor, she told everyone there was going to be a new sheriff in town.
B is right at home with her second family...(the little boy is Margaret's cousin)...

I think B is telling me to stop taking pix...

Dave is a very down to earth guy and he always started his sermons with something we all could relate to. One particular Sunday (we weren't at church then, but heard a lot about what happened) Dave and Jamalyn did a reenactment of a scene from Dirty Dancing...except Dave almost dropped Jamalyn:0)...so in this pic JP and Chantel are giving Dave some pointers on how not to drop his lovely wife...

And they presented Dave with some handcuffs for when Jamalyn is out of town...the kids are driving him crazy...and no one can make it to help him out. (Disclaimer...the handcuff thing is just a JOKE.)

A bathrobe in case he forgets the towel during a baptism...

And Chantel had them sing the song...i don't know the title..."Moving On Up To the East Side"...except east side was changed to northeast side because that is the part of town they are moving to.

Margaret has already put the handcuffs to good use...
Dave, Jamalyn, Margaret, and Nathan,
You will be greatly missed at our church, but we know that you will stay in touch. Thank you for the last 5 years (and for allowing me to become Margaret's second mom)!!! Good Luck!!

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