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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Update # 8...

ok, we just got some news. a former Haitian student sponsored by a St. Luke's Methodist Church family made his way to Fondwa to find our people. Found out that our group got out of the house just a few minutes before it collapsed. We know of only 2 Fondwa people who were killed and their funerals were today. We are confident that the information we received is legitimate - our group is OK!!! Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming!!!!


  1. Sarah this is wonderful news! We'll continue to pray for their safe journey home. God bless!

  2. Oh this is wonderful news. We will continue prayers. I hope this allows all of you to rest a little easier. I know that it may take time for their return, but hopefully your stress levels will reduce a little until they are home. Know that we will continue to pray for all.


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