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Thursday, January 8, 2009


we finally had enough snow for b to go out and play...she has been begging us to have a snowball fight since she watched the movie Elf back in November. she is finally POTTY TRAINED (except for naps and bedtime). It wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. the first day was horrible and i was ready to give it up, but it seemed to click over night because the next day was much better. we had a few accidents, but not nearly as many as we did when we started it at two years. my goal was to have her halfway trained when she goes for her 3 yr. checkup. i knew the pediatrician would have a cow if i didn't have her potty trained....she asked me at her 15 or 18 month checkup (not sure which one) how the potty training was going...crazy!!:) oh, the same day mel rolled over, b went pee pee in the potty...it was a good day.

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