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Thursday, January 29, 2009

i promise i'm not a horrible mother....

with b i documented everything...first smile, first food, first steps..EVERYTHING!! then mel came along, and i am kind of slacking with her. i think this happens to all moms....you have so many pictures of the first child, then the second one comes along and there aren't as many. i was the third child and, as i look back, there weren't nearly as many photos taken of me as there were my brother and sister. first time moms who frequent my blog probably think i am a horrible mother because they have pictures of all their babies "firsts". well moms, just wait until the second one comes along and you'll see what i am talking about!!:) so, the above photo was taken a couple of days ago. mel is eating rice cereal...not for the first time. we started that about 3 weeks ago. oh well, at least i took this picture!!:) we'll look back at this photo 20 years from now and won't remember weather it was her first or tenth time eating cereal. we will just remember it was her first food!!

i did, however, decide to take some pix of melaney in this adorable outfit. i think she looks cuter than ever in it. my sister gave it to her for Christmas and i like it because it isn't the traditional pink.

first "wink"??????????

miss b. with her toy story family....

b showing mel how to operate one of her toys. mel is starting to crawl and b isn't to sure about it. she liked it a lot better when mel stayed in one spot and didn't mess with her toys. the other day i heard b saying, "she's looking at me!!" mel had mad her way across the living room floor to b's chair and was looking at her and smiling!!!

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