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Thursday, January 15, 2009

looking forward to warmer weather...

i took this photo last august and just ran across it on my computer...i am definately looking forward to warmer weather...it is freezing today with a high of only 7!!:( most people had their grocery shopping done before this cold front hit...not me!! the whole family went to kroger last night...the roads were too bad for me to go by myself, and i REALLY needed out of the house. the cashier informed brad and me that it was way too cold for the little kids to be out...i think she should have kept her opinion to herself. we had them bundled from head to toe and they were only in it for about 2 minutes!! i told brad today that i thought about taking the kids to the park since i already lost my mommy of the year award according to the lady at kroger! just kidding!! i can't wait for the warm sunshine and at least 65 degrees, but with the warmer weather comes a lot more work...lawn mowing...gardening..etc. but i love all those things!! Stay warm!!:)

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