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Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Snowglobes...

 When my girls were babies, my grandma gave them each a snowglobe.  I know.  It sounds like an accident waiting to happen when you give a one year old a snow globe, but it is a special little keepsake that they enjoy every year at Christmas.
I saw these cute snow globes on Pinterest last year and decided to make them with the girls this year.  They were pretty simple to make and probably only took about 10 minutes to make from start to finish!
What you will need:

Canning jars and lids
trees , wagons, reindeer , etc. (I found the wagons at a local craft store.  Fairy garden supplies are perfect for this!)
hot glue

Begin by hot gluing the tree to the lid.  If you are adding other items, you may want to place it to the side a bit to allow more space, just make sure it doesn't go past the rubber edge.
Next, add the reindeer.  We hot glued him into the tree, probably about an inch above the lid.  He looks like he is flying right now, but once you add the glitter, it will be fine.  Allow the glue to dry for a bit.
While the glue is drying, add the glitter to the jar.  We place about a 1/4 of a cup in the wide mouth jars and a bit less in the regular mouth jars.  It's kind of trial and error to see what will work.
I also bought somewhite trees ...
brushed them with Elmer's glue and added gold glitter ...
then added a reindeer and some gold glitter to his antlers....

And Voila!...
That might be my favorite one!

Once the glue is dry, you can attach the lid and turn the jar upside down and you have a snow globe!

I am in love with how these turned out!  These would make perfect gifts for family, friends, teachers and caregivers!



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