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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That Moment When My Daughter Licked the Floor of the Grocery Store...

Yep!  You read that right!  My daughter licked the grocery store floor!  I bet you can probably guess which one, but it was Jo.

Okay.  So maybe she didn't exactly lick the floor, but she was pretty darn close!  We almost always shop at our local Kroger...and occasionally Super Wal-Mart, but that store gives me a headache!  On this particular day I decided to go to my favorite grocery store in a town about 11 miles south of us.  I like this store because, while it is a little more expensive, it's small and since grocery always seems to overstimulate Jo...and me too, sometimes a smaller store is just what we need.  Jo refuses to ride in the shopping cart.  She insists on walking all throughout the store, which takes forever.  If I make her ride in the cart, she usually tries to climb out while I am looking at something so I figure it's safer to just let her walk.

 I only needed a few items for Mel's birthday party so it was to be an in and out kind of trip.  Who am I kidding?  In and out with an almost 2 year old?  And my idea of a few things is actually a cart full and no less than $100.00...just ask my husband! As we were browsing the fruit, Jo spotted some grapes and demanded that she have one RIGHT.NOW!  Like any good mom would do, I gave her two unwashed grapes to snack on while we were shopping.;)  Don't judge.  I know you've been there at some point in your life!

So, back to the floor licking.  We were doing so well and Jo had only thrown about 2 tantrums.  I decided spur-of-the moment to get Mel some fancy donuts for her birthday breakfast.  You know, the kind with icing and sprinkles!  As I am deciding which fancy donuts I want, I hear a lady behind me gasp.  I thought to myself, "What now?!"  When I turned around Jo is on all fours trying to pick up a grape that she had dropped....wait for it.......with her mouth!!!  The only thing I can say, was this happened two weeks ago and she hasn't gotten sick yet so I'm telling myself that it increased her immunity.?

It's a good thing she's cute;)  I'm just kidding!  It's just a phase that she is going through and honestly, if B would have been on all fours picking up a grape with her mouth at the age of 2, I probably would have freaked out a little...okay a lot.  Mel, I would have freaked out, but not as much as with B.  With Jo, I've finally learned that somethings happen...and if those things involve licking the store floor or the shopping cart handle, so be it.  I sternly told her "no, yucky" and we threw the grape away in a nearby trashcan.

Another phase she is going through that is fun is that she likes to pick out her own clothes.  On days when we stay home, it's more than OK, but on the days when we do have to be seen in public, it can be a little stressful and usually leads to a meltdown, or 10.  On Instagram I've started using #JoTheFashionista to showcase all of her outfit choices.  Last Sunday was my favorite outfit choice thus far.  She found the basket of Build-a-Bear and American Girl Doll clothes and had to have them on even though I tried to explain to her that they wouldn't fit.  The Build-a-Bear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxer shorts actually did fit fairly well, but the American Girl pants didn't fit at all, as you can see in the photo on the right.  Then she found a Hello Kitty bathrobe from Build-a-Bear that she wanted to wear and she refused to take it off, so she wore it to Rural King.  Pick your battles!  (She did ditch the boxer shorts and pants and traded them in for some denim capris before the trip.  I call that compromise!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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