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Monday, April 7, 2014

Project 52 Week 13 {Blue} and Week 14 {Radiate}...

Well, I'm late in posting these...again!  Sometimes more important deadlines and life in general get in the way of posting my photo a week.  While I was looking back to see what week I was on, I realized I don't have a picture for week 12.  Oh well!

The theme for week 13 was "blue."  I couldn't figure out what I could take a picture of that could fall under the blue category.  I was thinking blue sky with white puffy clouds, but Mother Nature didn't cooperate that week.  Then I thought about taking a selfie because of said weather, I was feeling a little "blue" myself, but then one day this happened.  This little miracle...
 She never falls asleep on her own except in her own bed.  She must have been extremely tired from such a busy morning.  Or wait...it was from keeping Mom and Dad awake all.night.long.  I blame the teeth even though I really don't know if she was teething!

The theme for week 14, last week, was "radiate."  Jo is always on the move and I have found that she is a lover of the great outdoors.  She could spend hours out there just wandering around exploring.  Her smile is "radiant" when she is outside!

Now on to week 15 in the hopes that I can snap a pic and get it posted before next week!  And maybe one of my other two daughters can be in a pic for once!


  1. those are great photos...she is just precious

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