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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Best Text I Will Ever Receive...

It's always fun to get started planting in the Spring and harvesting in the Fall, but it's also fun to be done!!  We finished harvesting this morning and I received the greatest text from Brad.... 

That's right!  Harvest 2013 is now in the books!  Thank goodness!  While there have been many years when harvesting has gone a lot longer,(I believe in 2006 we finished the day before Thanksgiving) this year in particular seemed to drag on forever.  I don't really know why.  Everything seemed to run pretty smoothly.  There were no major break downs.  Well, we did have one that I remember, but it just so happened that they were able to use the combine until it rained and then they took it into town to have it worked on.  We didn't have a newborn this year either;0), but it still seemed to lag on forever.  Halloween night we had some pretty heavy winds, so for the last week they had to battle corn that was down.  If it rains and the corn is down, it takes a little bit longer to dry before you can harvest it.   However, compared to last year's drought, this was a MUCH better year.  We definitely have A LOT to be thankful for!!

There are still a lot of farmers that are not finished yet, and I hope everything goes smoothly for them.  I'll be thinking of them and their families.....and wives!....but for now I am jumping for joy because Harvest 2013 is over for This Farm Family's Life!!!!



  1. We are all done but for the double crop beans! Now trying to get this room addition kicked in to high gear! Loosing my mind trying to pick out flooring and paint and doors and fireplaces and cabinets and........

  2. We are also harvesting this week. :)

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