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Monday, November 25, 2013

I Must Confess...

I am HORRIBLE at texting!!!  Those of you who know me well already know this.  If I was given a grade, it would definitely be an "F."  Don't get me wrong.  I love texting.  I do feel it is important to have a direct chat over the phone with someone, because I feel like in today's society social interaction is dwindling fast.  We are so consumed with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting and all these other things, how often do we actually pick up the phone, or better yet, hop in our car and actually talk to a friend or family member face to face. (Okay so I got a little off topic there!  That should be a subject for another post.)   However, I would much rather text than talk on the phone.  The main reason...kids!  I saw somewhere that trying to have a phone conversation with someone who has kids is like talking to someone that has turrets.  No matter how often, I remind my kids that I am going to make a phone call, they still interrupt me.  They may not talk to me for three hours, but as soon as I pick up the phone someone needs something.  If I text, that person can't hear what is going on in my house;0)

sorry folks

 95% of the time, my phone is within arms reach.  I am able to check my messages with one hand.  I have to have two hands to reply. (I know!  I'm not very coordinated.)  Sometimes I'll get a text while I'm in the middle of making lunch or carrying a laundry basket or kid.  I will check it and then when I have a chance to respond, I have completely forgotten that someone texted me!

Sorry friends who text me...

It maybe takes 5 seconds to read a text message, but at least 15 to respond.  In that 15 seconds, a kid has climbed the banister of the stairs and cannot get down, just projectile vomited in my living room, tried to stand up, but fell and bumped their head on the coffee table, pulled the air freshener out of the wall, the list could go on.  Sometimes it may take more than 20 minutes for me to respond to a text.  I figure that is okay because it obviously isn't an emergency or I would get a phone call instead of a text.



  1. I'm not much better. Sometimes it's the fault of my service; texts don't show up on my phone for 12-24 hrs.! Other times, it's easier to pickup the phone and talk than for me to text a coherent response! Dang auto-correct or lack there of on my part!

    Keep doing the best you can!

  2. I'm usually quick to respond...but sometimes I forget to push the send button....


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