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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mel's First Day of Preschool...

Mel's first day of Preschool finally came on Tuesday.  I feel like she has had to wait forever!  The last year she has asked at least twice a week when it will be her turn to go to school.

Sorry for the list of what seems like the same picture.  They are all different, I promise.  I just couldn't get enough of her in her backpack and Nike shoes that she loves!  The headband didn't last long.  After the pictures she decided it was too itchy so she tried on every other headband we have in the house. Then decided that none of them would work.  Which was a lot!  I really don't know why we have that many.  No one in the house wears them! 

She didn't understand why the school bus didn't come pick her up and take her to her school.  Although, I feel like I'm driving a school bus with 4 kiddos in tow!  She also didn't understand why her school is so short and why B gets to go all day. 
She went right to the building blocks that she played with at open house... 
And soon she was joined by a friend! 


  1. Great pictures that document a big step in everyone's life! How are you doing Momma? It will change both your days, and most times it's for the better, but you will miss her.

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