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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On Sunday I decided to wash our Tahoe.  Brad actually did most of it, but it was my idea!  Cars don't stay clean very long when you live in the country!
In the middle of washing, B burst into tears because she wanted to help.  So, we told her she could wash her 4-wheeler when we were done. 

Brad was sure to point out all the spots that she missed.  We take our car washing very seriously!... 
After a little elbow grease... 

and a good spraying... 
It was spotless.  I actually think it is cleaner now than when we bought it. 
What is a post without this beautiful face?... 
She was being all cute and innocent and then.... 
she had to go and find a nasty old bird feather and try and tickle her mother with it.  I don't like birds.  It's a phobia I have.  Long story!  It has gotten better since I have had kids and have to scoop the occassional dead bird...sometimes dead baby bird with no feathers, Yuck!....off the porch, but I still don't like 'em! 


  1. I hate birds too! and my Dad always made us wash the cars and trucks when we were kids and that is why I now LOVE the car wash!!!!

  2. looks like a good job was done by all...such a little cutie pie...

  3. Oh my gosh, your children are wonderful. Also, loooovin' the photography Sarah! It's beautiful.

    Found you via Mingle Monday!


  4. Hi! Stopping by from Mingle Monday. That's awesome she wants to help your girls are sooo cute!


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