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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Once again, I have been a blog slacker.
When I signed on today to catch up with all my blogging friends, I noticed that I wasn't that far behind.  So summer must be keeping everyone busy. 

This week has found us at VBS everyday.  We were exhausted yesterday and were quite grumpy so the girls and I treated ourselves to a much needed nap.  Mel and I slept for three hours while B slept for four hours.  See, I told you it was much needed!

We've also been spending nearly every day in the pool.  B is a water bug and learned to swim on her back today.  Mel is a little more weary when it comes to the pool.  She gets that from me!  I am content to watch from the side than actually get in the water, but with the 90 degree + heat, I have been sucking it up and getting in also.  Mel is slowly learning to love the water.  She no longer screams when B splashes her while jumping in a zillion times!

A lot of time has also been spent in the garden.  The other night, I captured my favorite people working in the garden... 

The weeding hasn't been that bad this year.  I guess that is one...okay probably the only benefit to the drought like conditions we are experiencing .  We have had to run the sprinkler about every other night.
The girls like to dig in the dirt and make mud piles. 

And yes, they are barefoot!  That is the only way to garden in my book!... 
It looks like Mel is getting ready to fall in this picture, but she is just running fast.  Sometimes she runs so fast I think her feet don't touch the ground.  Both of the girls are runners!  You definitely can't punish them by making them run laps around the house!  They would think it was a game! 

I hope you all are enjoying your summer...bare feet and all!


  1. LOVE your pictures! I am barefoot gardener too, even though I have let my garden grow back in to the yard this year. I never wore shoes out. Something about the cool, moist soil between my toes....hot dirt is not quite as fun. Glad to read you are staying cool. Miss seeing you. Hope your own little garden in growing nicely! ;-)


  2. I have a bee hive now, so no bare feet for me! Sweet garden pictures!

  3. I love the garden photos! and I also agree that barefoot is the Only way to garden :)

  4. Your garden looks amazing!! Those are some awesome pictures.

    Newest follower.



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