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Monday, May 9, 2011

Messy, Messy, Messy...

We live on a farm...
 We have two girls...
 who like to do things like this...
 We have a dog named Tuff...
 And we have white carpet...
 The carpet cleaner is becoming my newest BFF.
The end.


  1. sounds like our house! only we have 2 dogs that come inside. and they love to run through cow manure! have a great week.

  2. oh white carpet. eek! i have a white pottery barn grand sofa and that scares me! haha. love the post about your lil' fam! so cute!

  3. Ha! I cried when ours broke about a year ago. Now we rent the pro kind from Lowes and it takes about half the time to clean all of them in the house. Still doesn't help for those OOOPS moments though!

  4. This is my first time visiting but I will be coming back. :) Cute little girls!

  5. oh man! Can't imagine that! We have one dog and can barely keep on top of the hair!

  6. I hear you girl...dogs...kids...husbands...not good on carpet...

  7. We have a bit of beige carpeting and I have a hard time keeping that clean. I don't know how you keep your white carpet clean!!!

  8. Oh yes, we have that same white carpet.....I can't wait to replace it! I'm thinking hard wood:)

  9. Love it! Care to stop by my house and use that thing? Our one toddler girl has done wonders on our very light carpet. Ugh!

    Just thought I'd stop by and catch up a bit. I thought of you when I saw that Midwest Living has a photo contest. Have you thought of entering? You can check it out online. :)

  10. Holy Moly! Just found your blog and I have to say that the pic of the two little girls playing with paint is kinda an art/art therapist's future dream! Seriously! Thanks for the warm fuzzies! :)


  11. I Finally let our little guys paint last summer, but Outside. Only! LOL You're a very brave soul!

  12. This post cracked me up! While I don't have a farm, or two kiddos, I do have one messy boy and a dog and husband who both track dirt in from outside, and onto my white carpet.
    I despise my white carpet. Totally.


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