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Friday, May 6, 2011

Arbor Day 2011...

Last Friday we celebrated Arbor day.
My sister and her two kiddos and Margaret joined us in the fun.

We read this book...

Then the kids all made their own tree...

They were supposed to use their fingers, but Mel used her whole hand  hands...
The "plug" has made an appearance once again.
She only had it at nap time and bedtime, but now she is in a "big girl" bed and she can get to them whenever she wants.  I put them up where she couldn't reach them and she was fine with that.  But, last week was a bad week and I caved and let her have them.  Shame on me, I know. 
But it was BAD and I think that may be an understatement.
If you don't believe me, ask my sister who witnessed several meltdowns last Friday!
I keep telling myself she won't get married with it!
Margaret's tree...
B Dub's tree...
Mel Bell's tree...

After they made their own trees ....and we put Mel and Keith down for much needed naps....we took the bigger kids outside to plant trees.   Luckily, it was nice out and not raining like every other day recently.

They each took turns watering the tree...
 I had a lot of help digging...

 Next was snack time.
I made apple tree cupcakes.
Brad said they looked more like shrubs.
Trees or shrubs, I thought they were cute...
 The day ended with play time.


  1. anytime mel wants to pet and love on a very friendly horse, bring her by. and a very happy mother's day too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! I am glad you like my blog. The PB pound cake is AMAZING. I could eat it all day ( I might have)

    Can't wait to go through your blog too!!

  3. What a great craft, I know that Claire would love this project. AND, I love that you planted a tree too.

    Also, we CANNOT get Claire to stop sucking her thumb (she just turned 3). Seriously every time we turn around she's sucking it- I keep saying that she won't do it forever, but at this point I'm not so sure...

  4. Got a kick out of your tree "trunks"! Our little guy is always saving stuff, "for a project, Mom"... guess it could be my fault. Some makes its way to preschool and some ends up in the recycle. We're definately going to have to try trees, though! We've got paper towel rolls for days!! ;)

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