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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Grocery...

I really dislike the grocery and after my experience this morning, I felt like the woman in the above photo.

I haven't always felt like this.
I use to like going to the grocery.
These feelings subsided probably around the time B started walking.
Or maybe it was when she started talking...I can't remember exactly.
I am just glad I don't have to have my blood pressure checked after going to the grocery with two little kids. It would probably be off the charts.
I have always believed in taking my kids out in public so they know how to behave.
Very rarely to I get a babysitter just to go to the store...I don't believe in it. Although, sometimes it is nice to go in peace.
When I have the girls with me, I don't have time to look for sale prices. I just usually grab the first thing I see. I know that is bad, but I feel like I am on a time limit with them. I have 30 minutes max before Mel wants out of the cart and B starts pestering Mel to the point of Mel yelling at B and hitting back.
Ugh! It definitely gets ugly sometimes.
I have started going to the store while B is at school and then it is just Mel and me. It's pretty peaceful that way and usually the only thing Mel asks for is some goldfish crackers.
But today, I had no choice.
I had to take both of them.
I heard we are supposed to get some ice and snow so I thought, I better go today and get it out of the way.
I had no clue how much snow/ice the forecasters were calling....I don't really watch the weather.
The store was a disaster zone.
I think EVERYONE who lives in the ville had the same idea I had.
The aisles were crowded.
B kept hanging on the cart even after I asked her multiple times to keep her hands off the cart and just walk beside it.
I finally had to threaten her by telling her if she didn't let go of the cart, I was going to throw Mickey in the trash.
I bought a box of diapers for Mel and she sat patiently on the box and ate her goldfish and even shared them with B.
We were almost finished and Mel decided she wanted OUT of the cart.
I told her "no" and then she attempted to climb out on her own, so she got her way and I let her out.
Normally she is fine following me around, but today it was extremely crowded and she kept getting in the way of other people.
We finally make our way to the checkout.
Mel was back in the cart, which is funny, because I don't remember putting her in there.
We waited in line for about 10 minutes.
I suffered through ten minutes of B asking if she could have a piece of candy.
My reply was "no".
The cashier then asks if I have my Kroger plus card.
I said, "Yes" as I am putting my items on the conveyor expecting her to start scanning away.
Instead, she just stood there waiting for my card.
They won't scan your items until you give them your Kroger card.
"That is the new system", she told me.
I wasn't aware of this "new system". I looked in the cart and my diaper bag is buried below $250.00 worth of groceries.
Frustrated, I thought to myself " Hold on let me get my daughter, who is standing on the bread, out of the cart, and dig through Mount Groceries to get my Kroger plus card."
Seriously, their new system stinks...just start scanning and when I can get to my wallet I will kindly give you my card.

After all this I thought I surely deserve a whiskey slush, but it was only 10:00 a.m.....so I settled for a 32 oz. diet pepsi instead!
Happy grocery shopping everyone!

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  1. i feel your pain! i dont know how many times i left a cart in the middle of the store and walked out bcause i was mentally and physically exhausted. I went at 8:30 this am so it wasnt too bad. now i just hope we dont have a calf in the middle of all this! take care.


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