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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Zoo...

On Tuesday we took the girls to the zoo.
It was a nice day.
Not too hot.
Not too crowded.
We like to go when we know most schools are in session, so we don't have to deal with the crowds.
I don't handle crowds well.
Or unruly kids.
Last time we were there, I had to correct another person's child.
They were strangers.
He kept cutting in line in front of B, on the playground.
The mom just sat there, watching, which really frustrated me.
So, I corrected her child.
I know, I am one of those moms.
Don't worry, it takes A LOT to make me upset...but this kid did it.
Maybe it was the heat!
But, this time...I didn't have to correct any stranger's children!:)
The seals were sun bathing...

Mel loved the "shish"...

Mel thought this swinging monkey was pretty cool.
He came over near her. I think he was showing off.

This bear seemed to be on the prowl.
Brad said he looked kind of thin.
Maybe he wanted to eat us?...

B wanted me to take this pic.
So, here you go.
A boring picture of a lizard...

Mel couldn't believe that I was actually in a picture with her...

She was fascinated by the snake exhibit.
I hope she doesn't want a pet snake someday.
A horse is bad enough.
I think she is afraid this snake might suddenly come to life...

Lunch time.
Nothing like a good ham sandwich...

All. Day. Long. B talked about seeing the giraffes.
Everything we say, "But I want to see the giraffes."
We FINALLY made it to the giraffe exhibit.
She watched them for about 5 seconds. Wanted her picture taken and was done.

It amazes me how big the rhinos are...

B was Mel's escort...

The new exhibit is the cheetah exhibit.
They had a game where you could "race a cheetah".
We tried to get B to do it since she is the runner in the family, but she wouldn't.

We think this bird is "Kevin" from the movie "Up".
Not sure, but it looks like him...i mean her...

Mel thought she needed to push the stroller.

The girls liked the Oceans exhibit so much, we took them back to walk through it again...

Mel wanted to take this big dolphin home from the gift shop...
She settled for the smaller version:)

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